About Me

Hi there! I am Victor Olson, and I’ve been playing video games probably since I opened my eyes to this world. Ok, now that’s not true, but you get the point, right? It’s been quite sometime now. My gaming consoles, my gaming chair, and my keyboard, all of this is literally what makes my natural habitat now.

Yeah, This is Stupid ME 😛

Gaming wasn’t always as much of an essential part of my life as it has become now. I’d watch my elder cousins playing mini clip games on the pc and later Xbox and PlayStation as they got older but being the younger ones, I never really got a chance to take hold of the controller. But God, I always wanted to play so bad. When I moved to Binghamton, my current hometown, I made a couple of friends at my new school who were into gaming, and that’s how I started getting hooked on the gamer life. 

We started off having these friendly gaming hours every weekend when in school, and then when we got into college, it wasn’t just the weekends anymore. Hours of intense gaming sessions were an essential part of my day, and of course, the company of my childhood friends made it all the more special. We usually played all kinds of games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Dota 2, Call of Duty, etc. However, back in those days, we were very much hooked on GTA and FIFA, and that’s why we decided to make our streaming profiles. 

Once I got done with my degree in economics, I had to move to California for work. Things got a little busy as it’s hard managing your home with work, but you’ve got to make room for what you love. Although I had to leave my friends, our gaming sessions continued and have only gotten better. Of course, everyone got busy, but we made sure we all made it to the time slot we had fixed for our live streaming on twitch every Tuesday and Friday at 9 pm. 

Most days, I play video games by myself too. I have a golden labrador named Sam, and when there’s no one around, I spend hours gaming by myself with Sam beside me, and life’s all good. Sam didn’t like my long gaming hours at first, but he’s gotten used to it now and maybe even has started enjoying the fact that gaming keeps me bound to home and closer to him. Other than gaming, I enjoy music as well, and the time you don’t see me holding a console, you’ll probably find me with my guitar singing some tunes to Sam.

Recently becoming a professional gamer and streamer, I’ve started putting more hours and effort into the whole gaming experience. I still have my job, but I work fewer hours, intending to focus on my streaming channel. At first, this was just something I did for fun or as a hobby. But now, it’s much more than just my passion but also my profession.

I appear live on Twitch every alternate day from 4 pm to 9 pm. The games I play depend on what my viewers demand, but I usually multi-stream switching between what’s popular. Nowadays, the trending games are PUBG and Call of Duty, which I play with friends and even with my followers at times. I have some set rules for players who can join in and communicate to help me connect better with my followers. My followers can also message me about any gaming queries or streaming information, and I try my best to help out.

Recently one of my achievements while playing PUBG has been the triple chicken that got me a lot of appreciation from my followers. Participating in the Dota Championship got me thousands of new followers, whereas the game itself made me more than 20000 dollars. And, of course, the 2 MASTERMINDS in Grand Theft Auto V gave the ultimate boost to my gaming career. 

These are just some of the achievements that give me the confidence to continue doing what I do, and I look forward to making similar achievements in the future to see my name amongst some of the top gamers worldwide.

For Support

To improve my streaming performance, I’ve been working hard to update features like gaming equipment and software attachments. However, any donations are greatly appreciated to help further improve the experience for my viewers. It will not only help me enhance the gaming quality and streaming experience, but it will also help me arrange more gaming events. Moreover, these funds allow me to purchase more games to have a better variety to stream for the audience. Similarly, the funds will help me buy more consoles allowing me to connect and play with more followers.

Those willing to donate can contact me for the transaction details. Furthermore, an essential point in this regard is that you must make sure that while donating, you confirm that the transaction details are yours, and you give complete consent for the transaction to be made from your account. I will also want to make clear that these donations will not be refundable.

Contact Me

You can always contact me through the contact page.

Below is the link to my Twitter account. I don’t tweet a lot, I must admit, but I’m trying to become more active to stay in touch with my followers and hear your feedback about what you want to see me add to my channel. Also, I usually announce my updated streaming hours on my profile. So if you’re going to stay in touch about that, you might want to give me a follow. 


Here’s the link to my YouTube channel as well. Some of my recorded videos have been uploaded on the channel, so if you’ve missed some of the important streaming events, go take a look, and hopefully, you’ll find what you’re looking for through the playlists.