Sandisk Ultra VS Extreme Plus & Pro

Are you looking for some of the best memory cards in the market? I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about the SanDisk Ultra and the SanDisk Extreme. Both of these are currently leading the game with their fantastic video recording quality and massive storage capacities. But the question stands: which one is the better amongst the …

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Is PNY a Good Brand?

Is PNY a good brand?

PNY provides a wide range of solutions, including consumer, commercial, and OEM solutions for customers worldwide. If I briefly talk about each, when it comes to consumer solutions, PNY supplies quality products to customers. Quality products mean products that are reliable and affordable. History of PNY If I talk a bit about the history of …

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What are SSDs Used for?

What are SSDs used for

As a gamer or a computer user, you might have heard the word SSD quite a lot. It usually comes up when hearing about the specifications of a device. But have you ever wondered what an SSD really is and why it is so important when choosing the best devices for ourselves? Well, I’ll start …

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